Ego, the villain who limits us

By Patwant Kaur

Photo: Camila Muradas

People love cultivating victimization, grieving and living in pain. Our ego at all times wants comfort. We want to be welcomed, recognized and more than that, we want to be accepted with our convictions and truths. When we can perceive this self-centered reality and how often we repeat the same behavior, I believe that a great step is taken towards our own healing.

Ego is very smart and sabotates us the entire time. And this mischivious behavior that we become victmis of ourselves, because we stop looking at the facts as they really are. Deceive themselves who think that ego is summed up in vanities, for that it can be much more sophisticated than this!

Until we are able to have knowledge of our own reality, we will be accumulating garbage and we won’t be able to live in our greatness. We usually expect recognition from others and act in a vain way. When we act only by the ego, our communication becomes weak and we cannot express the feelings through the heart.

We become shallow and trapped in our own convictions. There is no human being without an ego. I believe that a dose of it can even be healthy. But what really happens is that people who are not awaken to consciousness let this villain drives the behavior and the actions in a wrong way.

We are heading for a process of expanding human consciouness. And in this changing process new ways of interaction with the planet and with the human being became a need. The actions of the awakened being must show wisdom.The faster the decision of starting an inner cleansing and don’t hide the pain with medicines and bad habits, the sooner will be the heal and the awakening. Easy task? Of course not! Although it’s worthy and necessery for those who wants to experience a committed life.

The ego works as a smoke screen, the curtain that prevent us to act with consciousness. It’s necessary to have goodwill and courage to abandon the whim of this villain. Yoga is the arrow that leads us to a stage of greater understanding of ourselves. It connects us with our soul independently of religion. The understanding of mind’s work can also be a great ally. We understand that the value as a human being has to come from his practical actions and from the qualities of its heart.

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