A Conscious Way of Eating – the key to health and vitality

By Patwant Kaur

Photo: Camila Muradas

A conscious way of eating is the secret to keep your life healthy and balanced. It contributes to lowering the density of the body, to increase the connection in meditation and to bring vitality. Eating in a conscious way also amplifies contact with the food and the absorption of nutrients the body needs. Changing and improving good alimentary habits helps the person not to eat because of emotional reason or by distraction. This learning brings the understanding of the body feelings within the food and teach us how to take bigger profit from the eating act.

Health is the most precious gift of the human being if a person doesn´t eat well, it becomes very hard to seek physical, mental and spiritual balance. The human body works as a machine. If the fuel isn’t of a good quality, then the performance can´t be good as well. Health absence deprives a person from enjoying the pleasures of existence and from having a happy life.

Researches show that from the last decades there was a huge change in the alimentary habits worldwide. People are eating more salt, sugar and chemical preservatives and this consumption is developing allergies and intolerances that are treated with new medications. This harmful cycle denies a person to find cure by the food.

Many people follow diets and fad and neglect the provenance of food and its nutritional value. The more artificial and dense the food is, the more difficult it will be to process it. If we are angry, reactive and agitated it is important to observe if our liver is not being overloaded. The liver is the organ responsible for metabolizing the toxins and filtering out all of the bad that falls into the bloodstream.

The portion of people that feed themselves in a non-conscious way is big, though it already exists a counter and consistent movement in searching new alimentary habits. These people are rescuing their grandparents feeding habits. They are already awaken for the needs of a more natural way of eating, with less pesticides and chemical preservatives. They have an understanding that the feelings and the origin of the food influence in the entire process of the final absorption of the nutrients by the organism.

This kind of speech may seem utopian, since the rhythm and the fast-paced lifestyle difficult the process of eating healthy. Changing feeding habits acquired in our childhood is also complicated. Although, I see that this  process of learning is necessary for human to live a healthier life.These changing habits can be practiced in a gradual and realistic way within the ones possibilities and without any radicalism. How about becoming a volunteer and experiment the benefits in your own body?

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