Elevate your thoughts, watch your words and be light in the darkness.

By Patwant Kaur

Photo: Camila Muradas

Do you understand about energy? Can you identify the quality of your thoughts? Is your speech committed and in tune with what you think? Do you help others to make a difference in the world? Do you have criteria for thinking and speaking?

All of these questions can serve as a guide to help a person understand about their own energy flow. How is it possible to create vigilance over thoughts, words and actions? The body is usually not wrong,it acts as a compass and responds accordingly to the inner conversation of the mind. If the conversation is good, it external health, power and positivity. If it is bad, the opposite happens, it gets intoxicated with emotions and falls ill with rare exceptions.

Our responsibility as watchers of the inner conversation of the mind is enormous and must be continuous. Thoughts, words and actions determine everything around us and create a flow, waves. We attract exactly what is in the frequency we are emitting. That has a lot of power! This maxim applies to all areas of life, relationships, material and spiritual side of life.

The world is chaotic, and the more worried we are, the faster we are with the outside world, the further we are from ourselves. There is a lot of information, complexity and little wisdom to access everything. People are sick, they live in pain and they want to talk about it all the time. This repetition of speech does not solve, on the contrary, it is rubbish and it delays life. It is necessary to change the focus, to substitute the discourse for something useful, productive and beautiful.

Social networks work as an interesting thermometer that reveals a lot about human behavior. The flow of information is fast and part of the content is not assimilated with depth, is not productive and much less edifying. The real facts of life, political events, social events in themselves require a heavy burden of reality that does not require emphasis or repetition. People do not realize the irresponsibility of passing on information and viralizing content on the internet.

As bad as any difficult scenario in life may seem, we have an obligation to strive to look at things with deferential, constructive, and loving eyes. This is a practical way to make a difference in the world and to help those people who do not have this vision. We need to spread candle light and bring light to those who still cannot see it.

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