Vídeo of meditation Kirtan Kriya

This video brings the technical explanation of how to perform Kirtan Kriya meditation. This is the first video of a series that the Suni-ai blog will bring in the coming months with useful meditations to help people who wish to meditate or deepen into their practice. All the teachings of the series are reserved for the practice of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhaan.

Kirtan Kriya it is a meditation practice of  Kundalini Yoga to help people who wish to have mastery over the art of meditation. It prepares the brain and strengthens the nervous system. It helps clean old mental patterns and connect with the new. Researchs shows that this meditation has been effective for treating  memory loss and Alzheimer’s. The mantra used is SA – TA – NA – MA

Sa – begining

Ta – life and existence

Na – death and change

Ma – transformation

The correct way to do meditation is sitting in easy  pose or in a chair with your back straight. The hands are on the knees and attention at the point between the eyebrows. The chin slightly locked.

There is a frequency of the mantra that should be respected. Start meditation singing loud for 5 minutes, then susssure for five minutes and then go deep into the sound, vibrating the mantra silently for 10 minutes. Return whisper for 5 minutes, then sing loud for five minutes.

The time for the practice is 12 minutes and may extend to 31 minutes. Ideally, the practitioner starts with the shortest time and go gradually increasing.

So that the benefits are achieved is important to establish a discipline. Practice this meditation for 90 days is the time that the brain takes to leave the old standard to set a new one.

Follows a link with research done on the effects of this meditation for the prevention of Alzheimer’s:  http://alzheimersprevention.org/research/



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