Interview: “Who plays the Gong plays the universe”. Yogi Bhajan

By Patwant Kaur

Photo: Camila Muradas


1-” Who touches the gong touches the universe” – Yogi Bhajan

How does the frequency of this instrument affect the human being?

The gong plays all sounds that have already been created.The physical body is pure energy and when we have the blessing of receiving the sound of the gong, this leads us to an ocean of waves where we can organize ourselves completely.

2 – How does the gong act in the process of cleansing and healing in the human psyche?

The gong allows a reconnection of the person with his own origin. It does a cell-tuning job and this helps trigger a lengthy process of reorganization that affects the body, mind and spirit. This connection allows the person to access something that is beyond themselves and their conditioning.

3 – How does the frequency of the gong can promote diverse reactions that can vary from person to person? Some people cry, others feel irritability, anger. Why?

Each experience is very personal. The sound helps to bring out the garbage to be processed, but the person should not to identify with the garbage exactly. These reactions are opportunities for release and cleansing.

 4 – How should a teacher use the gong to serve?

 It is primordial the reverence for the force that the gong has. A teacher should also study and be prepared, but he should never forget that service to the public should prevail over anything. A teacher must surrender to the golden chain of the teachers who preceded him to guide him in this process. The main characteristic required is humility.

5- How can the sound of the gong be used for specific audiences: the elderly, children, people with special needs and pregnant women?

 For these audiences the gong player must specialize. There is a long road that  requires training and knowledge. This trajectory requires an unusual sensitivity, to be applied with specific protocols. The person needs to have a lot of responsibility to direct the frequency of the instrument to these audiences.

 6 – In Brazil the gong has gained adherents. What advice would you give to people who wishes to know the instrument?

 The person should seek one yoga center and find a responsible player. Someone who has being training in the art of the gong. Only the own experience can bring the benefits and lead one to a deeper experience of oneself.

Sat Sunder is a teacher of Kundalini Yoga and lives in Belo Horizonte – MG. He teaches Gong training courses throughout Brazil. For more information about his work access:


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