Take care of your pineal it is the seat of your soul

By Patwant Kaur

 Photo: Camila Muradas

The pineal gland, or epiphase, is also known as the seat of the soul. For practitioners of yoga, the pituitary is the ajna chakra,  third eye or 7th chackra. And the pineal is located inside the brain, is related to the crown close to the hypothalamus and acts as a kind of link between the physical plane and the higher dimensions is the 6th chakra. This gland reaches subtle and less dense perceptions, and acts beyond the time where the spirit can project itself on matter. The pineal is responsible for extraphysical perception and intuition.

It works as an antenna that picks up information from the external environment and processes these vibrations. This processing happens in the brain and then sent to the body. Feeding, daily stress, frequent use of alcohol and other drugs, overload of daily information are factors that reduce pineal activity and may even cause its calcification. Work overload generates a film in the gland making it harder to perform and self-regulating. The lifestyle of a person is determinant to define the proper functioning of this gland.

The pineal is also responsible for the production of melatonin, known as the sleep hormone. This substance is produced overnight, in larger amounts around 2 and 3 o’clock in the morning and smaller at dawn of the day. The serotonin is another important substance released by the pineal that helps prevent depression and Alzheimer’s disease. Some tips like reducing use of mercury, fluoride, pesticides, meat, and toxins in general, sweetener, refined sugar, deodorants, and chemicals can greatly improve the functioning of our antenna. The raw and chocolate also help to awaken the gland, as well as the daily practice of yoga and meditation. Organic foods also offer excellent support for pineal detoxification.

Organize your living habits. The gland is an endocrine regulator sensitive to light. This means that it is necessary to maintain harmony with the rhythms of light and sleep. It is advisable to sleep at the same time. Another important aspect to keep in mind is that electromagnetic fields affect the gland, so at bedtime it is important to move away from electronic equipment because they emit waves. Meditation and quiet moments are highly recommended. The gland releases endorphins at these times, are highly rewarding for the body, and mind.



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