How many likes do you need to be happy?

By Patwant Kaur

Photo: Camila Muradas

Every human being wants to be loved, beloved and respected. The internet is a good channel for expressing opinions and what is posted here, has a repercussion in the other and generates a counterpart. However, for many people to have some likes is not enough and they are buying more! There is a conception that if the number of followers in social networks is bug, consequently they will be more seen and loved. Is this relationship with the virtual is healthy? Does digital inclusion replace human relations?

The use of the internet brings practicality, breaks barriers previously unimaginable for knowledge, and expands networking. Social networks are an excellent guide to human behaviour. They reveal above all what lies behind each one. How much time per day a person devotes to the virtual, what their preferences are and how it relates to what is there.

However, internet contact can act as a two-way street. If on the one hand there is a purpose in the exchange of information and the flow is directed towards to the good, has quality, therefore it facilitates, brings clarification. On the other hand, if there is only the need for competition, new tastings, selling more and creating content rampant, it may lose some meaning.

The whirlwind of information is large and works at a rapid pace. One connects to one site, jumps to another, watches one video, then another, and so it goes. This navigation keeps the person distracted from herself, from the present moment, her feelings and own body. This relationship with the virtual environment can become quite crazy if there is no brake and usage criteria.

The bombardment of data happens on all sides, Facebook, e-mails app watts app; this generates physical and emotional fatigue. It is difficult to create a filter, set personal limits. Much of the content is no longer attractive by exhaustion. People send things because this is the habit. And in the same way they send, they must to continue to produce, because that is the way to keep them in evidence.

The internet is a wonder created by man in the modern world. It brings autonomy, saves time and makes knowledge available to everyone. But what makes us human is our ability to give love and affection. There is no substitution for a hug and care.

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