Vídeo Yuni Kriyia – Meditation for Insômnia

Yuni Kriya – Meditation for Insômnia



Sleep disorders affect a large part of the world’s population and are responsible for high consumption of controlled drugs. The use of these drugs can cause addiction and have other side effects. Yuni Kriya is a meditation that puts the practitioner’s mind in a state of deep relaxation. It is a powerful tool to reduce stress and prevent early stages of insomnia.

Learn how to perform this meditation:

Sit with your spine erect in easy posture with your legs crossed.

The elbows remain on the lateral body and the hands are in front of the chest supporting the mudra.

  • Focus your eyes on the tip of your nose
  • Relaxed shoulders.
  • The small fingers, the edges of the hands and the thumbs touch. The thumbs are pointing upwards and the minimum fingers are pointing away from the body. The other three fingers are side by side.
  • Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Then inhale through the mouth and exhale through the nose.

At the beginning, sustaining the mudra done with the hands may seem difficult, but with time and persistence, it becomes easier to perform.

This technique should be practiced before going to bed or when you have time to relax. Practice should not exceed eleven minutes.

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