Art as a subterfuge of the madness of the world and the mind

By Patwant Kaur

Photo Camila Muradas

Music, dance, cinema, theater and all forms of artistic expression connect humans with the capacity to dream and to leave the momentary reality and contemplate the beauty. These moments are very positive, because they inspire and gladden. The dream is what moves beings, makes them capable of accomplishing things, connecting with their infinite reality and sensitivity.

The theme is philosophical, because it is associated not only with contemplation of art itself, but with “looking”. The form and the time that each person destines to nourish the own soul, to leave the rational mind and to enter a stage of contentment with itself. Art is an outlet for restless hearts, it is the desire to be free from self and at the same time to meet itself. It is giving vent to the feelings and emotions.

The energies of the planet go dense and support the imperfections of people, witnessing bad events and having acceptance of what cannot be changed is above all an act of resilience. Not being emotionally attached to the things of the world and letting them go with the flow of the river is an exercise that can bring much peace. It is not selfishness or denial of reality, but a mechanism that can be learned to save energy, avoid wear.

Effective people do not live problem-oriented, they are turned to opportunities. They nurture what is good in their lives, and let the problems die of starvation. Art works as a remedy in this case, for it brings laughter, optimism and allows the spirit to flow. It feeds the dreams and infinite possibilities that all human beings possess to access what is good, prosperous, and beautiful.

If the person stimulates himself in a creative, healthy body, mind and spirit, naturally life flows. Joy comes and people who are on the same frequency connect. An aphorism quoted by writer Allan Percy of the restless Oscar Wilde translates this question. “We’re all lying in the gutter, but some are looking at the stars,” he said. The sky is always full of stars, but seeing them is a challenge for the few.

For some people it is easy to have that inventive look. They have already learned throughout their experiences by living with people who share the same vision. For others, however, this is a difficult task, for they are too tormented  to pay attention to the beauty that exists in the world. The look is also associated with the level of consciousness of each being.

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