I do not want to know about your spirituality I want to know about your humanity

By Patwant Kaur

Photo: Camila Muradas


Taking care of the diet is good; practicing yoga is excellent, meditating brings clarification. The ways to connect with the divine that is in us are true gifts. But what to do with the “gratilish beings,” who live almost in a state of earthly enlightenment, and who deep down their inflated egos do not allow them to be human and respect the basics of good living and compassion among beings?

What do you, reader of this article, do when you are not worshiping your “chatter” about spirituality? Can your head rest on the pillow and your heart calm? Do you handle vulnerabilities and weaknesses well? The line between spiritual and human is tenuous, but it must exist, no one is so spiritual that he cannot be human, and no one is so human that cannot learn to develop spirituality.

Writer Jeff Foster talks about this sad ambiguity of the human being in the poem “Who Are You without Your Story”? In the poem below, he expresses what truly interests the human conviviality: humanity. It is not the talk of spiritual evolution, but genuine listening and understanding. It is not philosophy, but gesture. “Do not tell me about your spirituality, my friend. I am not interested. I just want to meet YOU. ”

Who are you without your spiritual story?

Please do not tell me about “Pure Presence” or “Settle in the Absolute,” I want to see how you treat your mate, your children, your parents, your precious body. Please do not give me a lesson on “the illusion of separate self” or how to conquer permanent enlightenment in just seven days.

I want to feel the genuine heat radiating from your heart. I want to hear how well you listen, how you receive information that does not fit your personal philosophy. I want to see how you deal with people who disagree with you. Do not tell me how enlightened you are, how free you are of your ego.I want to meet you behind the words.I want to meet you when trouble comes.If you can totally afford your pain and do not pretend to be invulnerable.If you can feel your anger without resorting to violence.If you can give safe passage to your sadness without being her slave.

If you can feel your shame and not shame others: If you can screw it up, and admit it is spoiled. If you can say “sorry” and really, want to apologize. If you can be fully human in your glorious deity.

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