Do not neglect your practice of Kundalini Yoga it can save you.

By Patwant Kaur

 Photo: Camila Muradas


The Age of Aquarius, is an Era of many changes of political, social, ecological paradigms. Times with lots of external information and low connection with the inner and spiritual side. It is easy to get lost and not understand our own sense of identity and purpose. The practice of Kundalini Yoga serves as an ally to support the individual to face the vicissitudes of this Age. This practice brings transformation, strengthens the nervous, endocrine systems, increases the projection of the electromagnetic field and provides a wider life and with more opportunities.

The work with Kundalini Yoga, however, is strong and as the student advances in this practice, it is common to occur some transformations in his personal life. Such changes can lead one to get away from classes, promote a personal confrontation and reduction of the discipline. At such times, a potent energy cycle is interrupted and can happen a weakening of the nervous system, decrease of energy and a regression to the old mental pattern. Keeping classes once, a week is essential to maintain this flow.

The technique of Kundalini Yoga allows one to have a direct relationship with one’s own emotions. But there is not always a disposition for this genuine encounter, for facing the shadows, understanding the ego and cleaning up karmas. Practice provides an awakening of consciousness and promotes adjustments. Old habits cease to make sense, toxic relationships are left out, family connections that are not healthy, diet, work everything comes up so that the person has the opportunity to do a review and transformation.

This energy as well as propitiating changes helps to awaken intuition and allows the person to see new opportunities. What the other is thinking about it becomes less important because self-awareness and clarity increase. The practitioner does not empower anyone to heal, because himself feel able to move his inner energy and seek self-healing.

“This tradition of yoga is the path of Raja Yoga. A direct connection and a path to the supreme consciousness within us. It is not a detour through all the fascinations of the subconscious and the temptations of the ego. We accept all creation around us and also within us. ”

A Kundalini Yoga class moves the breath, increases concentration and connection. At the moment that energy is high love is possible. It is as if a lotus flower opens inwardly and the human connects with the divine. The person feels prepared to act according to the designs of his existence with autonomy and joy.

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