Surrender, accept! When the flow is conscious, you will be guided to where you have to go.

 By Patwant Kaur

 Photo: Camila Muradas

 All people are subject to experiencing painful experiences, losing loved ones, material loss and even the dream. However, the way each individual deals with suffering can determine different outcomes in life. The humanistic psychiatrist and father of logotherapy Viktor Frankl in his book The Discovery of a Meaning in Suffering explains well this theme. In the interview at the bottom of this article, he shares his personal experience when he was imprisoned in a concentration camp in Auschwitz during the first war.

Pain is a tool for ripening, accelerates the understanding of various issues and helps the individual to see situations that in the comfort zone possibly would not see. It is obvious that no one wants to feel physical pain, much less emotional, but what occurs in such a troubled world is that many people want to deny the pain that is natural and inherent to life.

There are no recipes for coping with it, but surrender and acceptance can help in understanding what suffering is. Genuinely thank good and bad situations as well. It may seem crazy, be gratefull  for the pain, but when the person is capable of a gesture like this, regardless of the circumstances, something greater happens. The understanding that everything that arrives in our lives, all the situations they appear along the way for good and for good.

Looking at things from a spiritual point of view puts one above the ephemeral conquests that are temporary. Experiencing Karma (law of action and reaction) can lead you to the path of the Dharma (mission or purpose of life), help to clear the way and heal. Establishing a state of presence and seeking connection with nature helps to get out of the negativity of the mind and pain. Life needs to be lived moment by moment and the future will be determined by the ability to experience the blessings that exist in the present.

To have faith is nothing more than to have absolute confidence in something. It is impossible to have faith in life and at the same time doubt that it can be better. Walk with your head held high by donating your best as a human, wherevers worthy of you would come to you.

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