International Yoga Day is celebrated in Brazil with achievements for the health of the population.

To celebrate the International Yoga Day, the brazilian parliament  Chamber of Deputies held a solemn session to discuss the importance of this millennial knowledge for the health of the population and to commemorate the inclusion of other integrative therapies in the schedule of activities of the Unified Health System (SUS).

Were present at the event Dr. José Ruget, doctor and president of the World Ayurveda Movement, Swami Nirmalatmanda of the Ramkrishna Vedanta Movement, the psychologist and doctor in transpersonal psychology, Susan Andrews and the teacher of Vedanta and Sanscrito Gloria Arieira. The session  was conducted by the deputy Erika Kokay from PT – DF.

Currently twenty-nine complementary therapies are already available in the SUS for Brazilians, including Yoga and Ayurveda. According to the Ministry of Health, last year, these therapies were present in almost ten thousand establishments spread in three thousand municipalities. About five million people have already benefited and 35,000 yoga sessions have been held.

The Unated Nations Resolution 69/131 that creates the International Yoga Day recognizes that global health is a long-term goal and requires cooperation through practices that aim to build a better lifestyle.

Dr José Ruget Júnior, representative of ayurveda medicine at the event explains that this science is yoga sister. “While yoga focuses on the process of expanding consciousness through bodily practices, ayurveda focuses on health promotion”. According to him, the inclusion of ayurveda among the therapies of SUS represents a gain for the population. “Ayurveda not only looks after organic diseases, but also mental aspects and conflicts of life. It acts in the prevention and promotion of health, “he said.

Conventional medicine according to Dr Ruget focuses a lot on the final treatment of the disease. “There is a growth of chronic diseases in Brazil and in the world. They are expensive and difficult to treat. If we focus on preventive treatment, nutrition and a healthier lifestyle, the results will be positive, “he said.

To contextualize the reader, ayurveda medicine is the oldest in the world. It is the most commonly used treatment medium for Indians and has a different approach to conventional medicine for treating the human body and diseases. In Brazil there are already schools and professionals who can perform care. For more information go to:

Dr Suzan Andrews, a graduate of Harvard University, is currently in a research group at the University of São Paulo – USP, focused on integrating integrative health practices and stress management. According to her, stress is the biggest disease-causing villain and doctors and health professionals themselves need to regulate their levels to treat their patients. “Our healers need to redeem their sense of mission to provide healing to patients and society,” he says. To find out more about Dr. Suzan’s work, visit:

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Text: Patwant Kaur

Photo: Camila Muradas.

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