Every nation has a government that desearves according to the level of moral and spiritual evolution

The scenario of social, economic and political instability on the eve of the second round of presidential elections in Brazil has been revealing. Feelings like anger, intolerance are wide open and low-level discussions stamped on partner networks. People expressing their points of view and at all costs wanting to assert their own will. Such statements speak volumes about a nation’s level of collective consciousness.

It’s a shame that a country so rich in beauty and potential is so weakness and with so many wounds exposed. It is painful to see the joking tone that the international press has been treating Brazil in recent days. The wide-open problems reflect deep structural issues that have come from their colonization.

Faced with the current crossroads between choosing the candidate X or Y, scandals of corruption come to the fore, racism, homophobia, intolerance, everything is being revealed in one fell swoop, and each Brazilian will have to take responsibility by voting to try to change this bad scenario.

But how to draw positive lessons from the present moment? If we can look at things from a more spiritual point of view for those who believe in spirituality, it is possible to realize that a great cleaning is being done slowly. And this cleaning goes far beyond combating corruption or changing the line of thinking between left and right political parties. It is a matter of dropping a pattern of outdated human behavior and leaving the “I am” and giving space to “We are” .

The rulers, leaders who demarcate their speeches from now on only for their own interests, authority and the game of dirty politics will no longer support themselves and everything will be only a matter of time. If the Brazilian people make a wrong choice on the 28th, it will still be important to see a much greater purpose in all things. Brazil will have the necessary advance or setback to achieve a different perspective on how to govern and review its policy. These processes are usually slow and can take a long time for effective change.

What must be considered within a stream of higher consciousness is that there is a natural principle of polarities: it is necessary to exist death to exist life, pain for maturation, darkness to see the light and so on. The important thing is to be able to move forward even from the difficulties in the name of progress and life.

May all Brazilians in the next weekend including future leaders understand that the only thing that can make a difference in the world is love and respect for others and for life.

Article: Patwant Kaur

Photo: Camila Muradas

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