The choice of the name came from the desire of finding answers in the silence; Suni-ai means listening to the subtle inner silence. This state of calm allowed me to understand that the higher the noise of the mind, the less presence and connection with the physical body and spirit. There is a bigger urge to talk, not always a meaningful speech or with any purpose.

The silence has brought me the understanding that words and thoughts construct reality. It has worked as an antidote to understand my own mechanisms and ego. Learning how to meditate to access this place of peace was my great miracle!

The silent mind is compassionate, reaches patience and wisdom. The silent mind accesses intuition. The silent mind contains all the peace and joy of its existence. Welcome to the Suni-Ai!

All the audiovisual work of images and identity of the blog was made in partnership with Camila Muradas and Claudia Schirmebeck. I warmly thank two talented friends who allowed my project to get out of ideas to become a reality.

Thank´s also to Siri Neel Kaur Khalsa from Kundalini Resarch Institute- KRI, Helena Tiesenhausen, Valentina Snadri  and all the people who support me on this journey.

E-mail: contact@suni-ai.com


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