Patrícia Patwant Lemos, yoga teatcher

Patricia Lemos is a journalist, Kundalini Yoga teacher and had the idea to create the Suni-ai. But without the help of collaborators this blog would not be possible, because ideas when where shared become more interesting and beautiful. Patricia keeps her studies of Kundalini Yoga underway. She was graduated by Kundalini Research Institute – KRI and received the spiritual name of Patwant Kaur. Completed modules one The Aquarian Teacher and two Stress and Vitality and Mind and Meditation. She also did complementary courses as Radiant Women and to learn to play the Gong. Patwant Kaur is passionate about Kundalini Yoga work and proposes through this blog to democratize the information and support people who are in search of awakening of consciousness. Currently Patwant Kaur lives in San Francisco -Ca. To get in touch access the facebook : Suni-ai or by email:, and

Camila Muradas is a designer, photographer and a teaches Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. All the photography and video editing of the blog is being done by her  who is passionate about yoga. In the last  seven years Camila  had  other experiences with Acro Yoga and Kundalini Yoga too. Currently Camila lives in Seol where she is photographing and teaching Ashtanga. To know her work acess the Web site : Facebook Yoga With Mila and the instagrams: @yogawithmila  @Camila.Muradas  @Mila.Muradas or send an email to:

Claudia Shirmebeck is a designer of the brand of this blog. She is a Master degree in Information Design and Interaction from the University of Brasília (UnB) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Design, with a degree in Visual Programming from the same institution. He currently works as Graphic Designer and Interfaces at Akuntsu Tech, in the development of intelligent systems integrating computer engineering, programming and design. To know about her work go to:, or send an e-mail to:

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