Duplicate the number of yoga practitioners in the world. Techniques gain the corporate environments of schools and hospitals.

By Patwant Kaur

Photo: Camila Muradas

Research conducted by Yoga Alliance and Yoga Journal reveals that from 2008 to 2016 the number of yoga practitioners in the world doubled from 15.8 to 36.7 million. The practices present themselves in several contexts with proven reduction of daily stress and anxiety, improvement of sleep, balance and health.

Physiologically the practices promote relaxation in the nervous, muscular system and the reduction of the flow of mental waves. The state of well-being is very favorable for health as a whole. The benefits act directly on the body’s self-regulating system by balancing hormonal rates on immunity and inflammation. When the person feels well physically and emotionally, it improves self-esteem and the stages of hapiness.

In 2014, the United Nations instituted June 21 as the International Day of Yoga. The officialization of a date has been a way to encourage the world’s population to build a healthier lifestyle. Since then, the date is celabrated by several nations that come together to promote peace and unity. Cultural heritage of humankind, Yoga it is a practice for all, without distinction of religion, age, nationality or culture.

The research data also points to an interesting particularity. Yoga is coming out of the studios and academies and migrating to corporate environments, public agencies, large companies, schools, airports and health centers. The Unified Health System in Brazil, the SUS, included yoga in its policy as an integrative practice to motivate the population to search for health. The techniques of breathing and meditation help the individuals to look back to themselves and stay in the present moment.

In the old days, this knowledge was restricted only just for alternative and holistic people. This conception is being demystified and the practice has been gaining popularity and adherents. The change is happening, because people in general are needing help to have better  understanding of themselves and how their minds work.

Contemporary rhythm and lifestyle make this search difficult. The techniques support and balance the individual. Yoga come  into to the scene of big agitation as a powerful tool to minimize the illusions created by the mind that generate memories of the past, anxiety about the future, fear, panic and consequently an empty of existential. The emotions and commotions provoked by the mind intoxicate the body and are the major cause of illness. The practice of yoga brings relief from tensions and relaxation to the body and mind.


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