Sustainable Brazil: a dream for the world’s granary

By Patwant Kaur

Photo: Camila Muradas

That Brazil is a country rich in natural and cultural beauties, this everybody already knows. However, what is the future program aimed at sustainability and preservation of these riches? The subject is of extreme relevance and urgency and needs a faster and more active policy. Brazilian perspectives are still timid, taking into account the diversity of the country, spread in its rivers, seas and in the Amazon. The energy potential of Brazil is immense and deserves to be taken seriously by its potentialities.

In some nations, this subject is treated with great importance and with high priority. Many Brazilian companies are investing in technological and sustainable innovations, but they are not sufficient yet to reach a significant level within a global scenario.

Advances in the sector require planning and more participation from all spheres of the population. The introduction of new concepts of respect for the environment should be implemented with the aim of raising the level of awareness of the people. New educational principles, more information, and above all, the reduction of corporate and personal interests for the benefit of the community

Carbon offset by planting trees, transforming waste into energy, reusing and filtering water, using plastic wood and other alternative materials, reducing the use of paper, making cars with renewable and non-polluting energy. These are undoubtedly desirable and necessary goals for Brazil in the coming years.

How can every citizen do his or her part to act in an active way to transform this scenario? Perhaps seeking the change of habits themselves, including more conscious actions in their routine. Every human being directly and indirectly influences other people, animals and the environment. Everything is intertwined. The connection with the whole naturally brings responsibility for the use of resources and their better use.

Etymologically, the word sustainable comes from the Latin “sustentare“, which means to sustain, support and conserve. Some simple suggestions can make a difference in pursuing this change:

Buy only what you need. The consumption generates use of raw material that later becomes trash; decrease the time in the bath and the unnecessary expense of water; reduce the intake of bovine meat, since the creation of this herd, requires great pastures; separate organic waste from recycled; Whenever possible, leave the car at home and try to walk; plant trees.

These tips may seem utopian in the eyes of many, but when put into practice they can benefit the collectively and still leave a positive legacy for future generations. Sustainability allows humans to exchange with the world without compromising natural resources and their own future.

The theme is comprehensive, as it involves social, energy, economic and environmental issues. It requires above all a careful and loving look at the Planet and the awakening of a new collective consciousness.


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