Here and Now is where Mind Mindfulness dwells

Being present is one of the ways to find peace in crazy days and chaotic environments. We all want peace in our everyday lives especially in the work environment. The work corresponds to the extension of our homes; we spend several hours a day in it. Gradually more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of adding meditation and yoga practices in corporate environments to achieve mindfulness. Staying present in the here and now. The term used for this state of mind is Mindfulness.

The search for the Mind Mindfulness is happening because people in general are experiencing big discomfort in their lives and need help to have better understanding of themselves and how work their minds. Contemporary rhythm and lifestyle make this quest individual.

San Francisco in California can be cited as a model city for the world with regard to the implementation of practices in the workplace. At Silicon Valley, this subject is taken very seriously. Big technology companies as Apple ad Google and even small startups, heavily invested in yoga and meditation practices as an alternative to the well-being of their employees, reducing the number of illnesses and sick leave, and consequently improving productivity.

Research conducted in specialized journals such as Yoga Aliance and Yoga Journal shows that from 2008 to 2016, the number of yoga practitioners in the world doubled (from 15.8 to 36.7 million). The practices have shown proven reduction of stress, anxiety, improvement of sleep and balance of health as a whole. Every day we are bombarded by a lot of information caused by the excessive use of technology.

The more accelerated and connected to this rhythm than the natural rhythm of the body, the more distant we become from ourselves, from our own body and from the present moment. The breathing techniques known as pranayamas helps to minimize the illusions created by the mind that generates memories of the past, anxiety about the future, fear, panic. These states created by the mind generally do not correspond to the reality of the facts. They are fantasies created by the mind that is not present. The emotions and commotions provoked by the mind generate illusions, intoxicate the body and are the major cause of illness.

Physiologically the techniques promote relaxation in the nervous, muscular system and the reduction of the flow of mental waves. The state of well-being achieved by the practices is very favorable for health. The benefits act directly on the body’s self-regulating system by balancing hormonal rates on immunity and inflammation. When someone is balanced physically and emotionally, it improves self-esteem and feels happier.


Article: Patwant Kaur

Photo: Camila Muradas

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